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Hey all my name's Hanna. Yup.People also sometimes call me Hannaford, because that's my full name, or Hannie but that's only my dance teachers.... yeah I dont' have very many nicknames...
I currently go to Ursula Franklin Academy which is an extremely small school but is expanding with the power of LOVE! Okay not the power of love more like the power of more kids wanting to go there because it's so uuber special! We're the school with the uniforms that isn't a private school and mooches housing off other schools, but it's all good because other schools make it fun! ^-^ And the uniforms are surprisingly leniant, although the teachers do try to pretend they mind when you're out of uniform. Oh yeah! I forgot to say I'm in grade 11, which is really scary to me because there're people younger than me everywhere! I can't breathe! GAHH! ...okay so it's not that bad but it's weird. Weird indeed.
Other stuff I do: I dance (am in Advanced I ballet and modern) and am in the company of Canadian Children's Dance Theatre, which is delightfully fun! Yay dance! :P I also play soccer during the summer which is extremely fun when people aren't mean :( And besides soccer and dance I play the violin. Probably around grade 6 level, but in book 4 of the suzuki method and playing random songs that I like that aren't in the book.
My Interests: well, just scroll downeroo and check out the 120-something things I've listed down there, which is ever so exciting. I like pretty much all music I hear, which is why I didn't outline much there but currently I'm on a Fiftie's music binge so it's stuff like Perry Como and Debbie Reynolds and all that jazz! (hhaha jazz? get it? haha erm.. *cough*) I also enjoy lots of artsy, home-makey things like embroidery! Alroight.

My journal is pretty and sultry, like MIss Monroe herself. It's v.3., currently a banner of Marilyn Monroe made by me. So cool! Check it out! I'm very proud of it.

My friends list is getting pretty big but it's mostly people I know from real life.
-_parachute_ = Jada
-_pocketmonster_ = Maddy
-baron_cering = Ben
-biggersandwich = Lidabet
-blue_berries = Natasha
-bri_lawson = Brian
-cailindonohue = Cailin
-chibi_love = Beau
-clompy = Becca <- she's gone but she's still my friend
-followedrabbits = Alice
-gilly_kin = Gillian
-gwyni = Gwen
-hey_robot = Maddy's other account
-hollywoodchuck = Carly
-insanityisamust = Joy
-jenn_of_naxen = Jenn
-aknockout = Jennifer
-joelnotnoel = Joel
-katherinex = Kittie
-kittie_chan = also Kittie
-lilaballerina = Lily
-min_ee = Sungmin
-msbl = Ms. BL
-oxyclean333 = Galen
-rachelsoccer = Rachel
-rowanrichardson = Rowan <3
-seaminkey = Sue!
-the_bizarre_one = Peter
-trishvb = Patricia
-tycoda = Tycoda
-uglyhorace = Lee
-x_sawah_x = Sarah
-xoshoppaholicxo = Avni
The rest are just awesome people of whom I've met on livejournal and rock my socks! Alright! All my friends are awesome! You should ch-check them out.

I'm not in many groups but the groups I am in are awesome.
Icon Groups:
oicons <--mine and Gwen's! Check it out!

antmicontest (YAY)
musiconal <--I'm a mod here! Go join!

I enjoy making icons and although I do not have a paid account (*tear*) I do randomly make them, and often fill requests. And I joined an icontest community! For America's Next Top Model, which is an awesome, awesome show. And then I joined _model_icontest. w00t! Now I'm in another community for Marilyn Monroe icons! YAY icontests ^-^ If you have a request for an icon just post in my journal and I'll try my best! I'm not too shabby in PSP and I do have animationshop ^-^

Credits for brushes and textures I use in my icons (some I forgot to save with a name sorry I can't credit :()
ohpaintbrush meleada honderbright awmp colorfilter jeweledicecream teh_indy eightyfour__ braggadocio_org dj43 _joni _lighthouse theatresphynx colortone rough_draft___ boogieland angelic-network.com peach-blush.org through-the-rain.net

despatie - This is the best community ever. For fans of the Canadian olympic diver Alexandre Despatie who has incredible talent and is all awesome not to mention good-looking ;) Everyone there is always so nice so check it out! Even if you aren't a fan of him, you'll become one :P
_hopefulromance - This comm is small and not that active but it's so cute and I'm a hoepless romantic so I had to join.
treasure_hunt - An awesome community, REALLY active, you have to find pictures relating to a certain subject and then people vote on which they think is best1 It's great!


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